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Wellingborough Homes

Website redevelopment

It has been great working with HGA; they have transformed our website and been extremely patient but efficient with the changes we have been making along the way; cant wait till we work together again

Maureen Baker - Head of Customer & Support Services

Wellingborough Homes previously had their website running on an old Windows Server with an outdated design and poor user experience. Wellingborough Homes wanted their customers to be able to engage with them online via their smartphones and tablets; a responsive design was a big requirement of their brief. There was also a desire to make the website ‘brighter’, more appealing and less corporate too.

HGA delivered a responsive website built on the WordPress CMS. The theme, which has been built to WordPress codex standards, allows Wellingborough’s employees to update the website; including menus, slider images, text and events all from within the dashboard – without the need for a HGA developer.

Our focus was to deliver a much cleaner and refined user experience; allowing users to get to where they wanted on the website much quicker and easier before. We provided four ’tiles’ on the homepage to the four most popular areas of the website to help separate and segment their web traffic quickly so they could find what they wanted. The sloped angles on menu items, tiles and other areas of the website, combined with using brighter colours from their palette, have helped to make the website more personal too.

Our changes made an immediate impact to their analytics, which saw their bounce rate decrease by 35% – that’s 35% more users exposing more of the website than before. By integrating on-the-fly language translations the website has been able to reach more users from more territories than ever before – another key catalyst driving the strong metrics.

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