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Thomas Dainty

Website redevelopment

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Caroline Thomas - Thomas Dainty

Thomas Dainty are an e-tailer of fine shoes, luggage and accessories. Having originated selling their products to brokers on the trade floor of London’s City, they wanted to drive forward their online business as the way consumers shop has changed. Their existing website didn’t work on mobiles, was difficult to maintain and update and was very inflexible when it came to scaling and growing their online business – all of which they wanted to address and resolve.


HGA delivered a total overhaul of their eCommerce website. Everything from the banding, to the usability across devices, through to simplifying the user experience to get products bought quickly and easily was all rethought and developed by us.

The focus was on the products – where they came from, the quality of the manufacturing and ultimately how they could be purchased online. We used advanced filter searching on product and product category pages so customers can find the product they are looking for – be that based on budget, size, colour or all of the above – really easily.

To increase customer retention we promoted the use of email marketing. When customers register on the website, make a purchase or complete an opt-in form they become signed up for Thomas Dainty’s regular marketing emails. Email marketing has allowed Thomas Dainty to offer product offers and discounts to customers in a more personal way. From rewarding their highest spenders to a birthday discount, they’ve unlocked more potential with no extra work.

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