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Why you should choose WordPress

  • 14th June 2017
  • Ian Austin
  • 4 minutes

There’s more choice when it comes to managing your website than you could ever need. Comparatively, it’s like buying a pair of jeans now vs 20 years ago. Do you get slim, bootcut or skinny fit? Should they be stonewash, raw denim or washed? There is such a thing as too much choice and it can make for a confusing, overwhelming and debilitating experience.

We back WordPress and build most of our client’s websites using it, that’s no secret. But why should you choose WordPress? What’re the benefits and how does it compare? Throughout the article, I’ll talk you through the why’s and wherefores of the underdog that is WordPress and just how businesses all over the globe are leveraging it to great success.

It’s the coolest kid in the playground

Firstly, WordPress it’s the most popular choice on the entire internet. WordPress powers an astonishing 30% of the entire world wide web*. Part of its rise in popularity is because it’s open-source (free) software and you get unrivalled access to all areas after it’s installed. There’s no freemium (part free, part paid-for) pricing structure where your creativity is restricted by cost.

As with all open-source software, it’s maintained by a group of developers around the globe. The community keeps WordPress updated, patched and maintained to be the best it can be. This community extends far wider than just developers too, reaching into online forums to help with day-to-day use of the CMS too.


Google loves it

Just ask Matt Cutts of Google*. In 2009, Matt endorsed WordPress as “…solving a ton of SEO issues”. Excellent plugins like Yoast help with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to support your desire to get to the top of Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

With custom development too you can implement features like rich-snippet and micro data. Both tools help search engines, just like Google, better understand what content means on your website. They’re useful for recipes, events, people, question and answers as well as organisations. You may well have seen the impact of micro data in search results already.

*Source: WordPress TV

Security is not a problem

Articles on the internet do suggest WordPress isn’t safe from hackers, and to a point, this is true. Open-source software of any kind is just as vulnerable though because anybody can read the source code. Drupal, Magento, Umbraco all fall foul of this same problem without exception.

Ultimately, it’s the responsibility of your developer(s) to make sure the website you share with the internet is secure enough. Personally, we’ve worked tirelessly over the last three years in particular to take our WordPress security to the next level. WordPress provide an excellent starting point to “strengthen” the product though that you can reference.

Room to grow

Growth for any business is important and it’s comforting to know your website can grow with you as things evolve. The key takeaway here is that your build of WordPress – theme, plugin, hosting infrastructure – has to be ready for this growth.

Prepare your website early for growth because big website with hundreds and thousand of posts will be the hardest to scale further down the line. Websites with thousands upon thousands of pages and posts will deliver laggy database performance. Some of this can be offset with effective caching techniques to reduce server load.

This really isn’t an easy area though and difficult to get right. If you’re concerned, speak to your developer!

The recipe for success

Combine all of these pieces together and you’ve got a great recipe for success. There’s a ton more features and reasons to choose WordPress that we haven’t addressed but we’d love to talk to you about. It’s a reliable platform that provides a great foundation for every business to use. It’s plugin repository also means extra functionality is always within reach.

Talk to us about how you’d like to use WordPress. We’ve got a great catalogue of clients who’re all now benefitting from and applying the power of WordPress to their businesses each and every day. Our ambition is to see you realise yours.

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