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A Top Tip To Improve Client Retention

  • 12th June 2017
  • Ian Austin
  • 3 minutes

You spend all your efforts on drumming up new business, but, then what? You’re not alone if you’re struggling to come up with an answer. You’re equally not alone if you reply with loyalty cards you stamp and text message marketing. But, did you know you can improve retention for your growing customer based for one fixed cost? You can. Let me explain.

81% of UK adults and 91% of 18-44 year olds own a smartphone. (Source: Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2016: UK Cut). Smartphone usage is reaching unprecedented levels because they’re becoming more than a gadget but a way of life. The same Deloitte survey found “1 in 10 smartphone owners admitting to reaching for their phone as soon as they woke up. One third, grabbing the device within five minutes of waking up.

Smartphones have changed everything. Smartphones give immediate, never before available access to customers. When used appropriately, their functionality and access can reap huge benefits for your retention strategy.

Smartphone apps are more accessible and more affordable to businesses than ever before. Using one will allow you to take more old-hat techniques, such as loyalty cards, online. You can take many more processes online too, to enjoy greater flexibility, be more reactive and boast reduced print and material costs too.

Smartphone apps also come packed with other useful features too that mean existing systems you have can integrate and co-exist perfectly. For instance, you can embed your existing booking form into the app through a web view. Consequently, customers will never need to leave your app and benefit from booking an appointment through your existing software.

What about if you sell products online though? That’s where m-commerce comes in. M-commerce means, simply put, sales through mobile. Easy integrations with PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other platforms make for a simple transition to your business selling via mobile.

Apps like Just Eat are changing the way we shop in particular when it comes to mobile. Be honest, how often do you go for a takeaway and order something different? Just Eat recognised this and their simple yet intuitive one-tap to reorder functionality makes for a painless experience every time. Businesses just like yours able to leverage m-comemrce in the same way to take advantage of this feature too!

By far the biggest win for smartphone apps are push notifications. Push notifications boast a zero-cost price, 97% read-rate as well as total automation; what’s not to love? Technology such as geofencing means you can even target push notifications to send when an app user walks in to or out of a given area. Notifications can be used for personal touches too, such as; “Welcome back”, or “Thanks for visiting” messages. More than that though, you can focus your marketing and communication strategies based on real-world, real-time information.

Push notifications, unlike SMS marketing, which is more blanket-messaging, unmeasurable and costly, can help you to refine and improve your marketing.

Retention is a vital part of any business strategy. Businesses who don’t want to be left behind have to be thinking about adopting new technology like smartphone apps . As well as offering incredible flexibility and functionality to be reactive – it has a static price point. HGA Digital are proud and pleased to be able to offer an affordable app you can leverage today that can be branded and customised to show off your unique business.

We’d love and are waiting to get your business onto the app stores, and can do so for prices starting as little as £1,000. In comparison, a recent client meeting revealed they were paying £4,000 a year for SMS marketing. With our app, they’re not only able to reduce cost by 75% but benefit from tools, features and analytics they’ve never had before too.

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